My Values

Leading by example

The power of example is important in raising kids, leading companies, and making political decisions. The pursue of personal benefit is short-sighted and doesn’t lead to a positive change.

Supporting entrepreneurship

In all decision-making we have to encourage people – whether they are children, youth or grown ups – to be entrepreneurial and hard-working. Our wellbeing doesn’t come for free. And we can’t indebt  ourselves forever. Motivation is the key.

Gender equality

We have to strive for gender equality by all means possible. We can’t accept differences in pay between men and women. Both men and women need to be equally able to combine work and family. Also sexual minorities should have equal opportunities and rights as the majority.


We have to take the future needs of our  children into account in all our actions. The world we leave behind has to be better than the one we inherited. Our economy has to be built on sustainability.

Openness and tolerance

No country has ever developed by closing its borders. An openness and a curiosity towards other countries and culture is necessary for real internationalization.

The importance of a common responsibility

We have to be more responsible for our near and dear ones. In difficult economic times the danger of being cut off from society grows, and the moral responsibility of the ones that are well of increases.