Who am I?

I studied architecture because I wanted to shape environments that would improve human lives, buildings where children can learn, where people can find inspiration, where the handicapped can be cared for and where we all can age in safety.

I have worked along these lines for 20 years and would now like to bring the concept into parliament, to improve on people’s lives and environment through political means.

I was born in 1970, I am in private practice as an architect, a father of five and engaged in municipal politics and decision making in Kyrkslätt. I aspire to widen my political undertaking to a national level and have decided to run for Parliament.

My professional career supports a role in politics.

I grew up in Kyrkslätt. When I was a child and explored my home village Jorvas, nothing was more exciting than feeding the horses on the Ingvaldsby pastures.

I believe my childhood experiences shaped my values to a high extent. My every day heroes were our neighbor, the stone cutter Berghem and the lumberjack Jaakkola from Kvis. They could identify with the inner life of a small boy and taught me to sharpen a knife and handle a saw. Kindergarten was near home and the village school not far away either.

All this has made me give great value to social togetherness.

Having finished school and military service I began my studies in architecture. In part I studied and worked also in Portugal, then in Italy and Spain. My wife Ia and I were married in 1995 and our first child was born in 1997. After I got my degree we moved back to Kyrkslätt like so many of my former school mates: Kyrkslätt is a good place for a family with children to live in. We now have 5 children, our first Axel is almost of age, seventeen and Arik, our youngest, is five. Between them are Ilon, Alvar and Ivar.

My family is bilingual in Swedish and Finnish. My two sisters who live very close in the same municipality have Spanish and German as a second home language. We meet often also during the week and dinner table discussions go in Swedish, Finnish, English, German and Spanish, a enriching cacophony of languages and cultures.

I have worked as an architect for almost 20 years and I am a partner in a firm with a total staff of about 20, a sizable architectural office according to Finnish standards. We do everything from small summer cottages to urban design and land use projects. I see my experience in this field as a clear strength in a political career