Sustainability is a prerequisite – speech at the IPU 138 meeting in Geneva

I think we all can agree, that sustainable development is a prerequisite, an absolute need for peace. When a society becomes unsustainable, when it can’t provide for its inhabitants, unrest follows. In this regard we are seeing challenges piling up in front of us. As we speak great areas of land are becoming uninhabitable, and […]

Speech at the IPU hearing on migration at the UN

There has been some talk about national sovereignty here, a lot of talk about us needing to help on site, as a means of avoiding migration altogether. These words would be much more credible if they were accompanied by real actions and commitments to development aid and climate action, for example. And here my own […]

The values of democracy can’t be relative

Is democracy a relative concept, as many here today have suggested? We can argue that democracy can take many forms, that the practicalities can be diverse. But its basic values can’t be. Democracy has to be based on the equal opportunity for everybody to participate in the process, regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion […]

Speech at the ALDE council meeting in Oslo, May 9th, 2015

There is indeed reason to celebrate the result of the liberal parties in our recent Parliamentary Elections. The two ALDE parties made significant gains. For us, the Swedish People’s Party, the election was the best in 24 years, and The Center Party (Keskusta) became the biggest party in Finland, and was given the task to […]

Målet måste vara ökad aktivitet – opinion piece in HBL 27.2.2015

Svart är inte vitt. Men vårt samhälle är heller inte så enkelt att man kan förenkla det till en  diskussion om motpoler: vi och de, höger och vänster. Diskussionen kring sfp:s skatteprogram fortsätter på hbl:s sidor, och väl så. Anette Karlsson kritiserar i hbl 19.2. sfp:s skatteprogram på många punkter. Och på många sätt känns det som […]